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Lovin Local, Lovin Summer!


Wow August is zooming on by, but I really feel that folks have been thoroughly enjoying this summer!  The weather has been pretty darn great, and days filled with lot’s of outdoor events, markets, and  of course beach days! We Winnipeggers certainly know how to make the most of our beautiful summers! Our focus for August has been on enjoying and showcasing ...

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Contest for Plastic Free July!!!


If you read the article our staff member Savannah just wrote on “Plastic Free July”, then we hope you are planning to take the challenge with us!  If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read! To encourage everyone we have decided to add in a contest, because well, who doesn’t like a contest!  So here is how it ...

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Plastic free: The only way to be!


July long weekend is always a recovery period from the craziness of Canada Day at the market. Which had us come across this challenge we found online… “plastic free July”. This just happens to be terribly fitting for Generation Green! With the major expansion of our bulk sections for home, personal, and food products – we are all about cutting ...

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All Natural Stress Relief

Photo Credit:  Stuart

Everyone at some point has dealt with stress and feeling anxious.  Deadlines, exams, parenting, relationships, health, can all cause stress at some point or another.  How we deal with the stresses life throws at it can greatly affect the outcome. For some getting rid of the stress can be done by exercising, meditating, getting a massage, or even having a ...

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Yoga under the Canopy!

Yoga with Stefanie under the canopy June 29th-Sept 7th

We are hosting 14 weeks of early morning yoga at The Forks under the canopy beginning Wednesday, June 29th!  Bring your mat and join us at 7:30-8:30 as we salute the morning sun and energize our minds and bodies to get the best start to our day! These classes are open to all levels of experience or none at all! ...

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How To Sprout – Step by Step


We talk lot’s about sprouting and it’s because we love how simple it is, how much nutrition they offer, and how you can grow them all year long!  We’ve created some simple step by step instructions here so you can start sprouting too!        We currently stock 17 different types of sprouts in bulk, each offering their own ...

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Generation Green Thumb

Generation Green Thumb Poster

Generation Green Thumb is our upcoming FREE event on Sunday, June 26th from 10am-3pm. We will be setting up under the canopy at the Forks.  (This is the area where the skating rink is in the winter).  In case of rain, we will relocate to the tower atrium by the elevator, inside the market. We will be adding more specific ...

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What’s New at Generation Green?


New Freezer!!! New Bulk Section!!!  We are so excited about the changes happening this month at Generation Green!  One of those being the addition of a freezer so we could bring in things like…Kiwi grass fed butter and of course more made in Manitoba products such as…Cornell Creme Ice-Cream (we have personal size containers in addition to the 1 litre ...

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Deodorant Detox


We get asked quite often about natural deodorants, their effectiveness, why some work better, or work for some and not others. First let me start off by saying this is an important change to make in your daily routine! Conventional deodorants can have some potentially harmful ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, hormone disruption, affect immune systems, and are known ...

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Naturally Mom & Me Showcase Details

instagram size mom

Our 2nd annual Naturally Mom & Me Showcase is coming together nicely, and we thought we should fill you in with all the details! The event will take place in the tower atriums, inside the Forks Market on Friday, April 15th.  Taking the feedback from last year’s event, we have changed the event hours to run from 11am-7pm in hopes ...

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