Getting Ready to Garden!

February 15, 2013

garden with carrotsBeing able to grow your own food and herbs, has to be one of the most personally satisfying things I enjoy. I certainly have a lot to learn though (which is why I’m so excited to have Dave, from Sage Garden coming to help!) Read more about the presentation here.

The idea of planting a tiny seed, waiting for it to sprout, nurturing it, and watching it grow, with really very little effort, and then amazingly reaping the benefits of delicious fresh food! It doesn’t get any better than that!

There is such satisfaction, and security in knowing where your food has come from, what was used to help it grow, and being able to provide fresh, organic vegetables for your family.

So of course it only makes sense that I would want organic seeds for my garden, and also for Generation Green’s customers.  I am so excited to be able to offer Sage Garden Greenhouse’s Organic Seeds, and other organic, natural gardening products.

A few of the other gardening items you can find at Generation Green are:Garden Display

  • Sea Magic Kelp – The benefits of adding this supplement to your plants are many! Offers significant resistance to common diseases in seedlings, stronger stems, increased flowers, and bigger fruits.
  • From Arnold’s Gourmet Food Farm – Premium Earthworm Castings Soil, guaranteed to grow plants like crazy!
  • We also have Grow Your Own Tree Kits, Sugar Maple Tree is the new one coming!
  • One of the items I am excited to put in my backyard garden this year, is a butterfly house! Braecrest Design creates these, as well as adorable Ladybug Houses, and most beneficial Solitary Bee Houses.  All are finished with a UV-resistant, environmentally friendly stain.  Braecrest Design also uses a fair amount of recycled items in their creations.

Stop in soon and let’s talk gardening!

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