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Garden Goodies

January 27, 2016

Garden Goodies logoJust before Christmas we brought in this awesome line of made in Manitoba bath products, called Garden Goodies. We were so busy then that we didn’t have much chance to tell you about them, but we just got a refill on the stock so thought this would be a good time!


The creator of Garden Goodies, Brandi Sawka started off with a garden.  A garden of goodness that was built by her husband  in hopes of giving her an outlet for stress relief.  Brandi works as an emergency 911 operator, and was concerned about the amount of stress that her career could potentially have on her health. The garden accomplished what she hoped for and then some! Brandi says she felt connected and grounded and made her realize that she needed to do something in her life that she could be passionate about. And so it began…IMG_2464

Being located in rural Manitoba, Brandi started off  with selling her pickles and pumpkins from her garden in Lockport, and then it all naturally evolved. At this time Brandi  started researching about making her own bath and body products as she was  learning about toxins in conventional products, and this also caused concern about her health. Experimenting through friends and family helped grow the lines and spread the word, and these new Garden Goodies quickly started having a following! Brandi’s mission now is to take what nature provides us and turn it into fun and healthy products for well-being.IMG_2465

All of Garden Goodies product bases are 100% natural. They use a combination of Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils to scent their products, but those that use Essential Oils remain 100% natural, and those are the products stocked at Generation Green.

Generation Green currently stocks Garden Goodies Moisture Bath Bombs, Shower Steamer Pucks, Whipped Body Butters, Whipped Sugar Scrubs, Body Mists and a fabulous Cooling Spray  for hot flashes! (You can click on any of the products noted to read more).

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