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Meet The Maker – Aschenti Cocoa

January 31, 2017

Ahhhh, nothing says amore’ like chocolate!  This Valentine’s Day consider supporting one of Manitoba’s newest chocolatiers’ and the loveliest of folks from Aschenti Cocoa.

Generation Green has just stocked Aschenti Chocolate, but you can also stop by their newly opened Corydon location to experience the magical transformation of bean to bar!

Aschenti Cocoa is about keeping the Ashanti people’s tradition and values by using natural products. It’s about going back to the roots and preserving that legendary way of life, and the result is a unique chocolate, without additives, a rich and virtuous chocolate.


What inspired you to start Aschenti Cocoa?

When we both moved to Winnipeg in 2012, we were looking for something different, something authentic. We felt that something was missing; since then, we’ve been working on this project to share our passion with people: a pure and rich chocolate.

Which flavour is your personal favourite?

Really tricky question, it’s like asking a Mum to pick her favourite child. We like them all!

Whats your favourite way to use cacao?

Cacao is a superfood. You can sprinkle it over coffee or a vanilla bean ice cream, melt it down as a dipping chocolate with a little bit of cream for strawberries. This time of year, it makes the best hot chocolate.

What’s different about Aschenti?

We grow our cacao in our farm and work with small growers to educate them following the Ashanti people’s tradition. We are the first in Manitoba to make chocolate from bean to bar and pleased to share it with people. We take pride in controlling quality to ensure no chemical is used to grow the cacao and during production, we don’t add any artificial flavours, colour, additive or preservative.

What’s the biggest challenge you faced creating your products?

Chocolate represents more than just a candy, it represents a new way of handcrafting food. Cacao used to be called food of Gods by the Aztecs people, today, we take pride in working with the beans, exploring new ideas and creating. Each bean is different, therefore you have to understand it before establishing the cacao bean profile.

What’s your favourite thing about Manitoba?

We love the people and the vibrant art scene.

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