Meet The Maker

Meet the Maker – Charlie’s Charmed Creations

July 29, 2017


Charlie’s Charmed Creations is new this month at Generation Green. Eddie and Ryan approached us at the shop to show us their awesome creations! These local maker creates unique, fun, and beautiful wooden bow ties and lapel pins, with vintage fabric. Read on as we ask Eddie and Ryan more about Charlie’s Charmed Creations.



What inspired you to start making Charlie’s Charmed Creations?


Every year for our wedding anniversary we try to adhere to the “traditional gift” (as outlined on Google – haha) giving with unique and fun gifts.  On our fifth anniversary, the traditional gift was wood and our first wooden bow tie was created. Once we began wearing it, we started to get custom orders and were pushed into the festival and market direction. We were very well received by the organizers and handmade community that we just grew from there.  As our business grows, we now always strive to add unique items to stay current, keep it fresh and exciting. We were so excited last month to introduce our wooden lapel pins for this season.

What style/creation is your personal favorite?


Eddie – Mine is our wooden bow tie. I love fabric shopping because you never know what you will find. I also really like the fact we start everything with all raw materials. We can choose different tie shapes, fabrics and wood stained colors. It allows us to satisfy our creative side while being unique at the same time.

Ryan – The lapel pins are my favorite. They are so versatile and non-gender specific. I  can flaunt my lapel pin in one way with a piece of suiting, while someone can wear the same pin on a blouse or dress and achieve a totally different look

What’s your favorite place to wear your creations?

Everywhere! The bow ties and lapel pins are so versatile that it can be worn out anytime. Whether it’s a formal night on the town or for a day of exploring Winnipeg, it just works. It is not uncommon to see us flaunting our Charlie’s Charm down Osborne or Corydon in a short sleeve button down and a pair of shorts

Why is Charlie’s Charmed Creations different?

We strive to use vintage suiting fabrics on our bow ties. We love how it can add another level of true vintage uniqueness to a very modern concept. We do everything by hand from start to finish and it can be a lengthy process to create. On average 40-50 bow ties can take us upwards to 170 hours to complete. We have a workshop in our basement where our creative energy flows and sometimes laugh when we think about our table saw around the corner from our sewing stations

What was the biggest challenge you faced in developing your product?

A major challenge we had in development was choosing the right type of wood. We tried all kinds of wood, but found they felt too heavy, didn’t take to the stains or became really difficult to work with.  We found our match with the light weight and versatile offered with white cedar.

What’s your favorite thing about Manitoba?

The amazing blend of culture and diversity in Manitoba is our favorite thing. There is such a diverse population within our province and that really represents who we are, an Indigenous and Asian partnership.

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