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Love Local MB 2018 – Meet the Vendors! II

January 27, 2018

Generation Green, a presenting sponsor of Love Local MB 2018, is excited to bring you a series we’ve titled Love Local MB – Meet the Vendors! This series will preview the vendors, and entrepreneurs of the 5th annual Love Local MB, taking place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018.

Love Local MB 2018 -Meet the Vendors! II is excited to present to you Utoffeea, Yomm Beverages Inc., Half Pints Brewing Co., Fresh Roots Farm, and Hot Rod’s Grill.


UtoffeeaEstablished: 2012

By who?: Cate Dyck – mother of 4, toffee expert

What is Utoffeea?: Handcrafted toffee with cashews and chocolate

Where can I get Utoffeea?: Various Winnipeg craft markets and events

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Utoffeea!

Fun Fact: The recipe used to make the crunchy buttery toffee was created by Cate, and refined over the past 6 years

Yomm BeveragesYomm Beverages

Established: 2009

By who?: New Canadians, Meshack – a veterinarian, and Micheal – commercial brewer.

What does Yomm Beverages create?: Hibiscus Tea and Hibiscus Beverages

Where can I find Yomm Beverages?:  Vita health, co-op stores, Generation Green, Save On Foods, Aviva Health

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Hibiscus tea drinks in four delicious flavours: original, strawberry, lemon, and sugar-free!

Fun Fact: While you are enjoying the healthy benefits of our Hibiscus Tea drinks you are also helping the underprivileged of Africa. Our hibiscus are grown by rural African farmers and the cultivating of the flowers provides an income that in turn enables the key essentials of life to be attained.

Half Pints Brewing Co.


Half Pints Brewing Co.Established: 2006

By who?: Dave – founder, CEO, and ideas man. Chris – Brewmaster. Maker of beer. Zach – General Manager. Organizer of the brewery.

What is Half Pints?: Craft brewery

Where is Half Pints created?: 550 Roseberry St.

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Various styles of craft beer

Fun Fact: Half Pints Brewing has brewed over 100 unique beers in it’s 11 year history.

Fresh Roots Farm

Fresh Roots FarmEstablished: 2011

By who?: Husband and wife duo – Troy Stozek & Michelle Schram

What does Fresh Roots Farm make?: Raw pasture-based honey, grassfed beef and lamb

Where can I find Fresh Roots Farm products?: Sold direct to Manitoba families, and 40 raw honey retail locations in Manitoba

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Our raw honey – alfalfa/clover and buckwheat

Fun Fact: Bees and livestock compliment each other well, as bees pollinate many of the diverse perennial plants that the cattle & sheep graze on!

Hot Rod's Grill

Hot Rod's GrillEstablished: May 2015

By who?: Hot Rod Cantiveros has been cooking his entire life, and specialty is creating delicious Filipino food

What is Hot Rod’s Grill?: We originally started producing a family sausage recipe and focus on producing authentic Filipino food with Manitoba made ingredients.

Where is Hot Rod’s Grill?: Our restaurant is located at 2000 Main Street, and our longanisa Filipino sausages are currently available at Lucky Supermarket, and smaller independent Filipino grocery stores.

What can I sample at Love Local MB?: Hot Rod’s Premium lean sweet pork longanisa sausages. We may have other sweet surprises.

Fun Fact: Hot Rod’s was featured in Vice’s Munchie series “Dead Set on Life” with Chef Matty Matheson as he explored the growing Filipino community, and it’s cuisine in Manitoba.

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