Sherry Sobey

IMG_1783Sherry Sobey is the Owner/Operator of Generation Green at The Forks. Sherry is proud to call Winnipeg home, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere better! As the mother to 3 boys, she spends a great deal of time in the hockey rinks during the winter. Sherry always looks forward to Winnipeg summers, and spending them at the cottage on Lake Manitoba.

“We don’t do it enough, but every once in awhile I love to detach from the stress life can bring, and just breathe in all the glorious things this world has to offer.  The lakes in Manitoba are the best places to do just that.”

Sherry has an appreciation for life and living it to it’s fullest. After a health scare in 2007, Sherry made a conscious effort to start living more naturally.  Along this journey, Sherry discovered that others were also searching for safer products. Sourcing these types of products became quite the task, as well as a learning process.

Finding fabulous, innovative products that are better for our health, our home, and our families, has become Sherry’s mission. Sherry’s hope is that Generation Green will become a showcase for all that is good!


img_9445Savannah has been born and raised in Winnipeg. Despite various travelling adventures she has known nowhere else as home.

At the age of 13 she decided to go vegetarian quite naively, and from there developed her deep passion for animal welfare, and since has become vegan. Savannah regularly interns at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary located in High Falls, NY.

Savannah always looks forward to spending her summers at all the local fests-from jazz, to folk, to fringe. She really embraces Winnipeg’s small town feel and appreciates all the amazing local businesses and happenings in the city.

Currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba, she is finishing up her Bachelor of Arts.

Savannah is excited to be able to spread the message of making your impact on the planet count. Shopping locally, sustainably, eco-friendly, organic, and fair trade are all important aspects of well-being!


Dallas Gillingham

Dallas was born and raised here in Winnipeg. Although she’s fallen in love with cities around the world, Dallas is always happy to arrive back home in friendly Manitoba.

 Currently, Dallas is completing an undergraduate degree in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Winnipeg and has a fiery passion for all things Simone de Beauvoir.

 In her spare time, you can usually find Dallas bobbing/step touching to one of the amazing bands that call Winnipeg home, or sniffing out the best vegan dishes/doughnuts in the city. She also enjoys snapping photos (usually of something glittery) and is the proud owner of six wonderful camera babies.

  Dallas strongly believes in living a conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle that benefits not only the wellbeing of our planet, but also all the beings that call it home! She’s an avid supporter of the amazing locally owned shops of Winnipeg, and is always sporting something second hand (again… usually glittery). 

  Dallas is thrilled to be apart of the ever-growing local Winnipeg business scene and is so excited to work alongside some of her favourite, like-minded, eco-friendly pals on the Generation Green team!


Ana Dueck

fullsizerender-7Ana was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She enjoys travelling and the outdoors and spends her summers at the lake in Pinawa, Manitoba. She is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast, with a love for hiking and camping in the beautiful Manitoba Provincial Parks. Ana has travelled around the world but is proud to call Winnipeg home.

Ana loves spending time with her dogs, Abby, a laid back Lhasa Apso and Stanley, an energetic Labrador retriever puppy.

She is a supporter of the local Winnipeg arts and music scene and can often be found at local shows and events checking out some of the great talent that Winnipeg has to offer. Ana loves to spend her time adventuring and trying new things. She also enjoys cooking as well as visiting lots of the great restaurants in Winnipeg.

Ana is finishing up her Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba and has a passion for physical activity, health and wellness.

She appreciates everything our Earth has to offer us and as a lover of nature, Ana has been environmentally conscious from a young age. Since launching a school division wide Idle-Free campaign at the age of 12, she has continued to make an effort to reduce her carbon footprint and pursue a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Ana is excited to be able to share her passion with others as a part of the Generation Green Team!


Lori Maione

Lori has always known Winnipeg as home. As the mother of three boys, she’s spent her adulthood caring for and raising her sons. She’s always enjoyed baking for others, travelling to see new places and finding new stores where she can satisfy her love for shopping local.

Recently while spending time at the hockey rink supporting their sons, Lori met Sherry and adored her enthusiasm and zest for her business. Sherry provided Lori samples for some natural skincare products after she expressed her concerns with conventional stuff she was using and Lori was hooked!

Lori has always loved seeing the success of local businesses and visiting farmers markets throughout the summer, so when the opportunity arose, she was so excited to be welcomed into the Generation Green family.