Vegan Fromagerie

Vegan Fromagerie Cheese + Seitan is Celine Land. Celine creates and shares her vegan cheeses and seitan through Acorn Cafe at Generation Green.

Right now her products are available for pre-order. Cheese is created on the weekends in our commercial kitchen space. Order any time through the business week and pick-up will be the following Monday. *Exceptions apply.

How to order

Pre-order menu is below.

For “hard cheese”, dill Havarti  and mozzarella are available every week along with a “feature cheese” that will rotate every month!




Muenster has a mild, buttery taste and sweet paprika rubbed on the outside of it giving it a red coating.  Ideal served cold with crackers or sliced on sandwiches or melted warm on veggie burgers or grated into a melty grilled cheese.