Product Spotlight – Cast Iron Cookware

November 30, 2012

Everyone’s grandmother had a cast iron frying pan, and some of you may even have had that same frying pan passed on to you.  If taken care of cast iron can last a lifetime, and then some! 

Besides the durability, cast iron is one of the healthiest ways to cook. Small amounts of iron actually get passed into your food, which is beneficial for those that may be iron deficient or pregnant.

Cast iron builds up a natural non-stick coating over time by adding a small amount of oil to the pan after cleaning.  This is also called “seasoning” your pan.

Cast iron is actually very easy to care for.  You never want to wash with detergent or put cast iron into a dishwasher.  A simple scraping away of food particles and rinsing in hot water is enough.  Dry you pan thoroughly to prevent rusting.  If rusting should occur, that is also easy to fix.  Simple sprinkle sea salt into the pan, then using a half of a potato, scrub away until all the rust is removed.  Rinse and season again with oil.


Lodge Cookware is probably one of the most recognized and trusted brand names for cast iron, and  is what you will find stocked at Generation Green.

Not just your grandmas frying pan anymore! Lodge cast iron is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and specialty cookware. From seasoned chef, to kitchen dabbler, there is something suitable to make cooking enjoyable.

Let us know if there is something your interested in on the Lodge Cookware website, and we will do our best to get it in for you.


Lodge Pre-Seasoning Bubbles Info Sheet

Original Green Skillet

Lodge is Green

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