Dry Soda

January 8, 2013
DRY Soda

DRY Soda

Have you had a chance to sample DRY Soda at Generation Green yet?  We’re loving it! A great, gluten-free alternative to soda pop!

DRY Soda uses only four, all natural ingredients (purified carbonated water, pure cane sugar, the natural extract of the fruit, flower, or herb and phosphoric acid which is a natural preservative) and keeps the pure cane sugar to a minimum.

Each twelve-ounce bottle of DRY contains just 45 – 70 calories and 11 – 19 grams of sugar. The result is a less sweet soda that allows its fruit, flower and herbal flavors to shine through.

DRY Soda is available in seven distinctive flavors – Wild LimeLavenderBlood Orange,RhubarbJuniper BerryVanilla Bean and Cucumber (Click on each one to view the flavour profile).

Stop by Generation Green and ask for a sample!

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