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Help for Colds, Coughs & Flu’s

January 10, 2013

Here are some of our suggestions to help you get through the cold, and flu season naturally.

Our recommendations!

Our recommendations!

  • Honey of course (we stock Wittman’s), added to a nice cup of tea, with maybe a little lemon. Buckwheat honey to soothe your throat and help with the cough, so you can sleep better.
  • The Mist from Graydon, to keep your hands & room clear of germs, as well as Germs Away Aroma Blend for a diffuser, are both an extremely effective blend of 15 germ killing essential oils, they exterminate viruses and bacteria.
  •  ICE CHIPS® Immunity Xylitol Mints are Clove flavored chips packed with essential oils & recognized as a way to battle germs and bacteria.
  • Virginia Soap “Adieu to Flu”, created with eucalyptus, tea tree and lemon essential oils to help during cold and flu season, with aloe vera juice; and tangerine scent to remind you to get your vitamin C.
  • Organic cotton Hankettes are the best choice for allergy sufferers, colds, and those with multiple chemical sensitivity because they are chemical free, don’t produce a puff of dust, and are super soft on your nose! A wonderful alternative to disposable tissues. Save some trees when you sneeze!
  • Arctic Virgin Mineral Salts from Made For Skin, 100% natural minerals, infused with essential oils to restore, relax, rejuvenate and repair. Add to a nice hot bath and your going to rest, rest, rest!

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