Week 1 Info!

January 6, 2013

Ahh Technology…

I’ve been attempting to upload my beautiful meal plan that I’ve been working on all morning, but alas, it will not.

Sooo, instead you’ll have to settle for a less organized list of meals.  *NOTE:  We highly recommend you buy as much of your produce organic, especially the “dirty dozen”.

First things first, turn your kettle on and pour yourself a glass of hot water and lemon.  Make sure to do this every morning!  This will get things movin’ and shakin’ in your body, and keep you running smoothly for the day.  I like to do a couple of downward dogs and tree positions while waiting for my kettle to boil.  However, be sure to wait 20 minutes before slurpin’ your smoothie.  Water can sometimes make it tougher for your body to absorb the nutrients in your food.  This is a good thing to remember for all your meals.

For Breakfasts I will be Juicing or Smoothying.  I got a few great juice recipes from Bring The Boss, this awesome blog that one of our customers writes for!  So check them out for sure!  One important thing to add to your smoothie is coconut water, especially if you’re a morning workout person!  I also will add some almond milk to some of my smoothies for a creamier texture.  There’s no real structure here, just have fun with it!

For snacks I am a big carrot stick junkie! I love the crunch.  If you need a dip, you can make a pea dip  or any other vegetable based dip.  I also like fruit and nut balls, which essentially involve your fave dried fruits and nuts (No peanuts, and make sure there are no oils or sugars in your dried fruit!).  Throw these in a food processor and mash-up.  You can add cinnamon or nutmeg depending on your tastes.  You can also throw this in the freezer for a tasty cold treat.  As well, nuts and seeds will be your new best friend!  When you’re getting shaky, or hungry, pop a few of those in your mouth.  I love banana almond mash.  Yes it looks disgusting, but I love the opposites of texture.

Lunches –  Make a big batch of your favourite soup, as long as it falls within the food guidelines.  I’m making butternut carrot.  You’ll most likely be eating this several times this week, so make sure you’re going to love it.  I also recommend a big salad for lunch.  Load it up with veggies, sprouts and seeds and top it off with a yummy, healthy oil, like Camelina oil!  Don’t skimp on your veggies (even though potatoes are a vegetable, remember they are starchy and should be limited).  Sweet potatoes are a great thing if you’re feeling like you can’t go on.  A little sea salt and olive oil on top of them…mmm scrumptious.

Dinner –  This may be the hardest for many of you, I know it is for me, so it’s important to eat really rounded out meals so you have no reason to be hungry.  I like roasted or steamed veggies, with lemon and oil, or pesto (cheese free!) tossed in topped with toasted almonds or walnuts. Once again, load up on those salads!  I love a mandarin and spinach salad, or strawberry walnut salad (No candied nuts!).  Mashed cauliflower, sweet potatoes or turnips are a good alternative to mashed potatoes, and equally delicious!  Get crazy in the kitchen this week with your veggies, aim to try a new food a day!  Squash is an excellent and versatile thing to get into, can you say spaghetti squash!

Desert – Yup, you can eat desert!  In fact, I recommend it!  Try a baked apple, with cinnamon, and nutmeg.  Or check out BOSS blog again for their avocado chocolate pudding!  Cocoa is okay to eat, as long as it’s pure!  Honey, Coconut Sugar and Stevia are also a good sweetener to use!

Tips –  If you’re feeling hungry, that’s good!  You should feel hungry throughout the day, this will also help you to tune into your body.  At the first feeling of hunger, chug down a cold glass of water, wait 20 minutes and judge how you feel.  Often you’re dehydrated, not hungry.  I also recommend herbal tea.  If you get fruity flavoured ones, they feel like a treat, and are a welcome break to water at times.   You aren’t restricted in your veggies or fruit intake, so chomp away. Go for a walk, studies have shown that going for a short walk can keep hunger at bay!  This first week is the hardest, so keep reminding yourself that it get’s easier, just keep going!


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