What’s Wrong With a Little Diet or Two?

January 19, 2013

Dieting…. The most dreadful word in english? Even has the word die in it!
I would say everyone I know has dieted, including myself. High school, Christmas breaks, summer time, there’s an endless list of “reasons” to diet. Time and time again we see that they don’t work, and they leave the dieter, hungry, angry and a binge fiend. I don’t know about you, but to me these are not 3 traits that I particularly enjoy.

Growing up I was on the fat-free way of life. I didn’t even taste butter until I was probably well into my teens! I’d never had 1% milk until I went travelling, never tried mayonnaise, only 1 or 2 eggs a week (because of their high cholesterol), fat-free yoghurt, fat-free everything! Now I did eat very healthy, I never had pop, had sugar cereals once a year (when I went camping), cakes and cookies were for special occasions. But let me tell you why I think these extreme restrictions kind of backfired in several ways.

1) Since I knew I wouldn’t have these things again for a very long time I would go overboard when they were presented to me! I would drink pop, or eat cookies, even if I didn’t want them, just because I didn’t know when I would get them next. If there ever was butter, chances are you’d find me in the corner gnawing down on it, haha well not that extreme, but my mom still talks about my love for butter.

2) Fat-free has so much added junk to it, aspartame, high sugars, trans-fats, etc… that you’re really better off drinking or eating the real stuff in moderation.

3) You’re body CRAVES fats. Fats were our keys to survival, by cutting them off now, you risk a higher chance of bingeing. You also need fat for your body to run!

4) I never learnt self-control

5) As Jen says “Fat-free is soo 1990’s” There are good fats and bad fats, learn to recognize! Eat those avocados.

That’s the “cut it out” type diet. The same can be said for any diet that requires you to cut out an entire category of food.

The second diet is a points plan. I know many people have found success with these types of diets, and I’m not saying you don’t lose weight, but here’s the major problem with them.

If you’re allowed any types of food you want, all you have to do is remain under a number are you really getting the right nutrition? Time and time again I’ve heard friends, read blogs etc… where women or men will eat and drink what they want until they hit that number, and then they starve themselves for the rest of the day. That may be 1 margarita and a slice of pizza, and then nothing else during the day. I realize this isn’t the aim or goal of these plans, but many people do look at it that way.

Furthermore, if you were to read the ingredients on the snacks designed for these plans, I think you would be horrified at what you’re putting into your body. I’ll say it again, but aspartame should not come anywhere near you (and that is not just my personal opinion)! Just say NO!

Eating healthy should never be regarded as a diet, but a way of life. Don’t cut a food group out for good, but learn to work with them. And never, ever, ever believe there’s some magic weight loss cure, no matter what any TV doctor claims! Save your money and buy some organic produce and learn to love food in a new way!

*these are mostly just my opinions, for more information read some peer reviewed literature, or research through the internet!

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nogratification January 19, 2013
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I totally agree. Over the past few years I have learned to work with food in a new way, and I have realized that cutting out food is not the solution to anyone's body issues. People need to learn how to cook and work with real food, not that food is a bad thing that must be limited and distorted to something unnatural.