Health Benefits of Lemons

February 10, 2013

I have been drinking warm lemon water every morning for the past month, primarily for the benefits they offer your skin, as well as knowing they help to detoxify, and cleanse your internal system.  The benefits are noticeable, my system is much more regular and my skin looks and feels great.

I drink two glasses every morning, as a replacement for that morning coffee after giving up caffeine. It made the transition easy just having something warm and comforting when I woke.

I just finished reading a post from a blog I follow, (One Good Thing by Jillee) and she has really done a good job at listing all the benefits, this fruit offers for your health.  Read the post here.



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joannahollyxo February 10, 2013
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My mum does this every morning and she has amazing skin! I think I'm gonna try it x

arzainal February 10, 2013
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