Coming Soon! – Abeego Food Wraps

Generation Green will be stocking Abeego food wraps! (Should be arriving this week)

Inspired by nature, with the belief that natural materials, are ideal for keeping real food fresh!Abeego’s are made from a blend of pure ingredients, like hemp, cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil. All of which are known for their preservative properties.

Abeego was created by Toni Desrosiers  in 2008, as a natural alternative to plastic film wrap for food storage. And oh yeah, it’s all Canadian!

So say goodbye to cling wrap and hello to Abeego!

Abeego Flats  Abeego flat

Abeego Flats are the ideal kitchen companion. Explore the versatility by bending and shaping the Flats to suit your individual food storage needs. Simply press and form over dishes to cover leftovers. Wrap up cheese, form around produce, baked goods and more.

Use pressure in combination with the warmth of your hands to form it tightly around the item to be stored. Abeego will be slightly adhesive and malleable at room temperature and will stiffen when cool, holding the shape you created. The fluid and air resistant beeswax coating keeps food fresh and is easy to clean. Store your food the way nature intended with Abeego Flats.

Abeego Snack Abeego Snack

Abeego Snack is based on a cleaver design that is perfect for vegetables, nuts, fruit, granola and more. The fluid and air resistant beeswax coating keeps food fresh and delicious. This sustainable package holds approximately a ¾ cup snack serving, and is designed to lay flat for easy cleaning. Your snack is now stylish and fun.

A little love will ensure a lasting relationship with your Abeego. With proper care you can expect your Abeego to last over a year.

If you want to try & win Abeego’s, there are a couple of Canadian blog sites running contests.

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