April 5, 2013

Let’s talk about hair…

For me there is nothing more unique, or wonderful about someone as their hair.  Being a lover of long hair, especially on men, and an even bigger lover of facial hair, it’s really important for me to protect our hair.  Reading about Shampoo and Conditioner last year really opened my eyes up to all the “junk” we pile on every day.

One of the worst is Sodium Laurel Sulfate, the ingredient that makes shampoo lather and get all those nice suds.  Side effects from this product can include; irritation, hair loss, cancer causing, and hormone imbalance, among others… Interesting how a product marketed as keeping hair healthy causes hair loss.

Last spring, after toying with the idea of giving up SLS from my life, I stopped using shampoo and conditioner… I switched over to using only baking soda (and occasionally vinegar).  It was awesome.  It took about 4 weeks for my hair to adjust; this part was a tad annoying, and I wanted to give up a few times.  However, working at a field camp meant that my gross hair went unnoticed for the most part and when I was back in civilization, a variety of braids kept my hair nice and appealing (greasy hair makes braids stay in better!)  After the 4 weeks though my hair started getting back to normal, and could go for days without being washed again.  This coming from someone who had to wash her hair everyday was a dream come true.  But, by November I was back at home with a cabinet of shampoo and conditioner and dry, cold weather nipping at my ankles, and I caved and went back to shampoo.  By April I will be done those bottles of shampoo and conditioner and I pledge to go back to my old ways…with a twist.

Generation Green just got in a new line of Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Lotion.  We teamed up with Di Erbe Inc. to create a signature Generation Green scent (as well as an unscented) and it’s finally here!  I love this product because I can read every ingredient on the label without running to my computer and checking EWG website if the item is safe or not.  Furthermore, Di Erbe products are incredibly rich and moisturizing, without leaving you feeling like you just dunked yourself in a grease vat.

My skin suffered this winter, constantly dry and itchy, but it was their body butter that started to repair my skin (unfortunately we didn’t have it for the whole winter).  I have decided to use this product exclusively for my hair and skin.  I loved baking soda, but it didn’t leave my hair as soft as I wanted, and being prone to dry skin, the baking soda could leave me with a flakey scalp.  I am looking forward to using a product that gives me everything I want, and leaves out everything I don’t want!  I want to make 2013 my healthiest and happiest year, and that does include working on the outside!

OH! And double bonus, Di Erbe Inc is a Winnipeg Company!

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