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The Golden Olden Days

August 10, 2013

TBT or FBF.  If you follow social media then you’re most likely aware of these cyber sayings, if not, they stand for Throw Back Thursday and Flash Back Friday.  These days usually result in a lot of uploads of users as children, stating how cute or punk rock they were.  While I have yet to partake in uploading a super cute baby photo of myself, I most certainly wish everyday was TBT or FBF.

I am a lover of all things nostalgic, probably due to my overexposure of Jane Austen and BBC mini-series growing up (wait, can you have overexposure to these things?).  As well, a good chunk of credit can be allotted to the fact that my grandparents are my best friends and I have always preferred the company of adults (the older the better).  While this used to be cause for concern from my teachers (Amy seems to know a lot about “adult issues”) it’s one of things I love most about myself.  I think if we added a little old way thinking into our daily lives a lot of issues could be solved.  I know I talked about “keepin it old school” in my very first post, but I am reiterating the importance of it today.

I am fully committed to the idea that introducing some attributes of our Grandparents (or older) time would improve our quality of life overall.  The environment would improve, our general well-being, and our general happiness.  Skeptical?  Well picture this for a moment.  You’re walking down the street on a beautiful sunny day; you’re feeling good about the day, although you could be feeling better.  You pass someone on the street and instead of averting your eyes; the two of you share a good morning greeting.  VOILA, instant happiness.  Nowadays, if someone says hello on the street we often think them to be a creep or wanting something in return.  How sad is that?

Still not sure?  How about this; you’re baking a beautiful, mouth-watering, salted caramel birthday cake for your sweetheart, when just before you add the wet ingredients to the dry, you realize you’re missing an egg.  It’s too far to run to the grocery store, but your neighbour is just a second away.  Wouldn’t it be marvelous to knock on their door ask for an egg, and in return share a slice of cake with them.  You may create lifelong friendships that way.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  Follow me for my weekly TBT/FBF in blog form to get all my nostalgic tips and tricks!

Happy Throwin’ It Back Folks!




P.S.  We’d love it if you’d share your favourite “vintage” advice or tips!

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