Yeast… the scariest 5 letter word or the healthiest?

August 23, 2013

The murky waters of the yeast world are rough to navigate. For years we’ve been bombarded with the grotesque and terrifying Yeast Infection. From the condescending and gender based commercials (they affect men too!), to the unhealthy meds and creams prescribed, it’s no surprise we tend to recoil when we hear the term yeast. On the other hand yeast is a common ingredient in baking, where images of warm dough rising in the sun, and grandma making bread come to mind. But nutritional yeast has been the underdog of the yeast world and fairly unknown…until now. Before we get ahead of ourselves let’s dissect the different types of yeast.

Candida albicans – Found in everybody, a build-up of this yeast (fueled by sugars) is what causes yeast infections, brain fog, and insomnia to name a few. This is the yeast to avoid feeding.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae– Brewers/baker’s yeast- Used in beer, breads, and to enhance flavours in processed foods such as chips.

Nutritional yeast– the Yeast of the hour! Nutritional yeast is actually AMAZING for you! It is a source of complete protein that is vegan. We’ve had feedback from customers who bought Nutritional Yeast and say how much more energy they have since they started taking it, well this is a good reason why!
It also:
– Has 18 amino acids
– Is rich in Vitamin B complex and usually fortified with B12. This is good for managing
stress, maintaining metabolic rate, preventing pancreatic cancer and promotes healthy skin!
– Has trace mineral, Chromium. Great for; diabetes, low blood pressure, fluctuating blood sugar levels
– Rich in minerals
– Helps maintains intestinal ecology
– Improves blood production
– Helps maintains optimum cholesterol levels
– Improves liver health and function
– Is high in Fiber
– High in Folic Acid (pregnant mama’s out there, meet your new friend!)

As you can see why, nutritional yeast is considered a super food. Try it on top of popcorn; replace parmesan cheese with nutritional yeast flakes, or any other cheese.
What are some of your favourite uses for nutritional yeast?


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candaceouimet October 4, 2013
| |

I am very interested in trying nutritional yeast but I have read there are disputes as to whether or not it feeds candida. What is your take?