New Arrivals

September 18, 2013

Here are a few of the new products that we’ve recently stocked.  Stop by soon to see what else is new!

From Di’Erbe:

dierbe bubbleOrganic/Vegan, All Natural Bubble Bath! SLS free & smell divine! 5 scents to choose from. “Sandlewood, Spa Essentials, Oatmeal Cookies, Lemongrass and Paris”.

After requests, Di’Erbe has developed an “estrogen free” hand & body lotion.  This scent free lotion is a perfect replacement for the soy butter based lotions. Estrogen free lotion

From Mama Pacha:

Herbal Lice Treatment – It’s that time of year again! Back to school & those dreaded letters home that someone has lice!
Not only is this stressful for you & your child, but the biggest scare is the horrific chemical pesticides that are in the commercial head lice kits.
This herbal head lice kit will effectively get rid of lice but without all the toxic chemicals. mama pacha lice treatment

Beard Oil – For those who take pride in their facial hair! Beard oil will soften the facial hair, and also condition the skin underneath.  It has a really nice light scent as well.  Just a few drops rubbed between your palms and then into your facial hair will make all the difference!mamapacha beard oil

undercover-mama-nursing-tank-all-2_size2Undercover Mama! : I think this is such an ingenious creation! Undercover Mama is a camisole without straps, that attaches & detaches easily from your nursing bra.  Also super comfy to wear while preggers!

Pure Anada:

Eight fresh, long-wearing polish colors that are “free” from the 5 most toxic ingredients found in traditional polish.

Pure Anada Nail Polish

Pure Anada Nail Polish

Also, Soy Polish Remover! It’s a healthier alternative to traditional acetone polish removers.  It’s non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and does not emit harsh fumes.  This makes it safe for children and pregnant or nursing mothers.

The one-touch, professional dispensing bottle is a fabulous feature. You will love it!

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