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New Arrival – Made in Manitoba Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

March 6, 2014

A great little Manitoba company, making great products that once you get past the “ooooh gross” will realize that it’s really not so bad, in fact it’s really quite fabulous!treehugger1

Creator Crystal Burton, started making reusable menstrual cloth pads, after a frustrating search for an alternative to conventional  pads.  Not only are these reusable pads better for the environment and lighter on the pocket-book, but they are a healthier choice for women!  Many women are easily irritated and can develop rashes and itchiness from conventional products.  With Tree Hugger, you get softness, security from the nifty snap in place, and dryness against your skin.  

tree huggerTree Hugger pads are super absorbent thanks to the hidden inner core that is made of a fabric called Zorb.  These made in North America inserts are non-allergenic, easy to sanitize, and free of anything nasty!  The pads wash up easily and are even stain resistant!  Funky prints on luxuriously soft fabrics offer extreme comfort.

Now if that all wasn’t enough, Crystal decided to make an even bigger positive impact on our environment by not only saving thousands of pads from the landfills, (each cloth pad replaces approximately 200 disposable pads) but also started planting a tree for every pantyliner and pad sold, by partnering with WeForest.tree-hugger3

For more info visit their website at, and check out the video below to hear how Crystal herself talks about her products.

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