Meet Savannah!

Allow us to introduce one of our new team members at Generation Green…Savannah!  You may have seen Savannah around the store, as she has been training since the middle of March.  We feel fortunate to her, so make sure you say hello the next time your by. Here’s the goods on her!

SavannahSavannah Costen has been born and raised in Winnipeg. Despite various travelling adventures she has known nowhere else as home. She loves spending time listening and learning from the world and those around her.

At the age of 13 she decided to go vegetarian quite naively, and from there developed her deep passion for animal welfare, and since has become vegan. This is where her care for the environment stemmed from. Learning about veganism and animal welfare often coincides with environmental issues-and there discovered the crisis our planet is in.

Savannah always looks forward to spending her summers at all the local fests-from jazz, to folk, to fringe. She never truly appreciated Winnipeg’s small-town feel until she started shopping at Generation Green and learnt about great local products!

Currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba, looking to focus on a combination of environmental studies and philosophy. Savannah dreams of being able to spend her life spreading the message of our need to take care of the planet, and all those who share it with us. It is necessary for overall wellness, as the world is a working system. No one can succeed without a cost to the whole.  Working at Generation green is a great way to do this as sharing knowledge with customers can help everyone make their impact on the planet a positive one!

Savannah spends her time exploring new local stores and shows, and planning trips around the world. She is excited to be part of such an amazing store and team and looks forward to furthering her knowledge in local products!

Author: Generation Green

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