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This is an article Amy wrote before her passing that she was meaning to post here. She was always so insightful and wise beyond her years! Please enjoy her last article.amy blog

One of the best parts of my job at Generation Green is talking to customers about healthy living. I love seeing the diverse range of folks we get in here, and how passionate and committed people are to truly changing their lives.

The main reasons for change that I hear is because of a health scare, or health problem. Many people are educating themselves more and more about alternative causes for illness, and realizing that it is often something they can take back and control themselves. At Generation Green, we can all relate. All three of us have had our share of health concerns whether they’re food related, lifestyle related, or beyond our control. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are truly honoured that you all open up to us in such a personal way and share your stories. That’s the reason we all get up and go to work.

Disease and Illness suck, to put it mildly, and with this month being Cancer awareness month I think it’s important to note this. It’s extremely challenging being ill, but can be more challenging when we feel we don’t have someone who can relate to us. We can offer you a lot at Generation Green, food to makeover your lifestyle, products that don’t add chemical nastiness to your life, but most importantly we can offer support. Someone to vent to, a shoulder to lean on, and advice from people who struggle daily just like you.

Last year I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disease and just having someone to talk to about the daily struggle is a blessing. Being told that pain is just something I’d have to get used to, or being prescribed pills that made me more exhausted, and foggy, than I already was, was and is something I will not accept. Some days, even months, are so much harder than others and I can barely find the effort to get up and do my daily tasks, and to be honest, sometimes I don’t. But on days where my pain doesn’t get the better of me (and these are becoming fewer, I’m proud to say) I have found tricks that help.

Overhauling my diet was the first source of relief. With advice from my naturopath I did a six-week elimination diet, and I’ve been hooked on doing detoxes since. Now don’t get me wrong, I hate them while I’m doing it, but I feel so much better afterwards. I also learned to listen to my body, and that the things you crave most are usually what your body can’t tolerate (very interesting). I try to do a weekly juice cleanse (just one day) to give my body a break.

Probably the biggest improvement for me is exercise. I had always been active throughout my life, but when my illness started it was the first thing to go. I was in constant pain, why on earth would I want to add to that by going to the gym? Silly me. I thought it would make me feel worse, but thanks to my lack of a car, and love of biking and walking (and some internet research) I soon realized that my pain got a little better, sometimes even disappeared entirely. I soon started connecting the dots. On days where I stayed home and didn’t get out, I would feel awful. But often times if I went for a walk, or a bike ride, I had temporary relief. It also distracts from the pain, and I get to appreciate what my body can accomplish, as oppose to limitations I so often focus on.

I’m still a work in progress, as we all are, but if any of you need the help or motivation with an illness, a lifestyle change, or even just a workout buddy, stop by the store and chat with one of us.  ~Amy


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