Do You Compromise Quality For Price?

Photo by Stuart Miles, courtesy of free
Photo by Stuart Miles, courtesy of free

At Generation Green we carry tons of wonderful locally-made, environmentally friendly goods. Considering the quality of these products, the prices are usually higher than something you find at your commercial good store like Walmart, Superstore, etc. This is something you should expect shopping here, yet still plenty of customers, time and time again, come in here appalled at how much certain things can be.

So let’s get something straight… You truly get what you pay for in today’s society. Cheap prices mean cheap product. Why CAN you get “meals” for $3, and household items for $10? That is because corporations have made every effort possible to pay very little for that product. This almost always means unfair labour overseas, where people and children are exploited. This also means environmentally destructive practices, such as clear-cutting, polluting water, pesticide spraying, and even manufactured chemicals in paints and dye which directly harms these exploited workers and indirectly harms every one of us, the atmosphere, and the earth.

This is all done just so people will be satisfied with a cheap price, the product will sell, and the richest 1% will keep making loads of money.

With globalization it’s so easy for all of us to overlook the harm that buying even just a few of those exploited products causes. But we need to stop, think, and remind ourselves why it’s even possible that those products are so cheap.

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles
Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

So, I emphasize, you get what you pay for. If you want cheap prices, you are receiving a cheap (or cheated) product.

At Generation Green, we consider ethics when purchasing and selling our items. We refuse to compromise quality for low prices. Prices here are higher, because the products are truly worth more. They have been made locally in individual’s studios, fairly traded overseas, or made conservatively with bamboo or other self-sustaining resources. Keep this in mind next time our price tags make you re-consider.

Purchasing power is the only true way to make any change in this world or fight cooperational greed. Every dollar you spend is a vote towards what you support. If these nasty corporations keep getting profit for what they produce, they won’t stop. Not until we decrease their profits and demand change will they re-consider their habits.

Article written by Savannah Costen

Author: Generation Green

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