December Contest

December 8, 2015
Win Me!

Win Me!

Just by shopping at Generation Green for the month of December, you could WIN a complete Kombucha Culture Kit!

The kombucha kit is valued at $69.95 and includes;

Kombucha Culture (aka Scoby), 2 gallon fermentation keg with spigot (porcelain & lead free), cotton to cover, plastic ring and the book “Kombucha The Miracle Fungus, by Harald Tietze”.

Enter every time you visit our location at The Forks Market.

Winner will be announced December 31st

Don’t know what Kombucha is? 

Basically it’s a fermented sweet tea that has tons of health benefits, but is especially known as a  probiotic beverage. Aiding digestion, helps fight candida overgrowth, offers mental clarity, and mood stability. It can also help prevent and fight cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.

It basically helps your body heal itself! Awesome right?


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