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Natural Teething Pain Relief

January 24, 2016

I can only imagine how much it hurts when babies are teething, and it’s so difficult as a parent to see your child hurting, and frustrating not to be able to help.

I imagine it as a constant ache that is only momentarily relieved when biting down on something, (and actually sometimes that can make it hurt more) then there is the constant drooling, red, chaffed cheeks, sometimes accompanied by diaper rash, and not to mention the restless or lack of sleep, and even eating becomes an issue which causes more worry!

So what are the best natural remedies? Number one recommendation from parent testimonials is amber.

At Generation Green, we only stock the brand Healing Amber.  This amber is 100% genuine baltic amber that offers amazing therapeutic benefits.  To test if you have “true” amber, simply mix ¼ cup of salt and 2 cups of warm water and then place your amber in the water mix and if it is real it should float, if it doesn’t its fake.

So how does amber actually help for pain and inflammation? Baltic amber is basically fossilized tree resin that contains succinic acid.  When the amber warms to your skin, it releases the succinic acid into the bloodstream which in turn offers natural pain and inflammation relief. The succinic acid also stimulates the thyroid gland to help reduce the amount of drooling. You will even see a difference in general fussiness so keep wearing the amber even when not teething!308095_347998428647224_612742239_n

The key is wearing the amber consistently and making sure it’s touching your skin.  You can wear it in the water if bathing or swimming, you don’t have to charge it and it never expires! The beads are so light that you don’t feel it when wearing, so babies really don’t notice it, but if parents are concerned about putting baby to bed with it on their neck, we suggest wrapping it around their ankle and placing a sock or sleeper over.  The necklace (or bracelet) are double knotted before and after each bead, so incase it did break, only one bead will come off.  The beads are not toxic and are very tiny so more thank likely if swallowed would just go through digestive system.  There is a safety closure that has to be untwisted to remove.  I recommend putting on baby when they are very young and then they are very accustomed to it and do not even notice they are wearing.  These are NOT for chewing on so the necklace should not be too big that baby could pull up to mouth.

Lastly, baltic amber can work for any pain and inflammation, not just teething! So even teens and adults can benefit from wearing amber. (Amber can help with immunity, arthritis, growing pains, headaches, even hormone balancing just to name a few!) Amber has been used for centuries, so this is not a new or trendy thing. Scientific research has shown that succinic acid has a very positive influence on the human body.

We always have a great selection of colours (which do not make any difference in effectiveness) and sizes at Generation Green, and we are always happy to assist in helping find the right size necessary.

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