Untamed Feast Wild Mushrooms

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Untamed Feast is bringing nature’s most natural foods to your table!


I was so excited to stumble upon Untamed Feast and their wild mushrooms. These folks know mushrooms like none other and are super passionate about them! We’re talking the boss of mushrooms!

Untamed Feast is called that because they literally source these mushrooms by hand, in the wild, enduring climate issues,bugs and wild life, basically it’s an adventure harvest! They harvest the mushrooms in the Boreal Forrest’s across Western Canada and the North West Territories, in secret, treasured locations. They also use a portable, wood heat dryer to dehydrate the mushrooms in the field,  the very same day they are harvested.

We all have heard the benefits mushrooms offer, but let’s be clear here, its wild mushrooms that are going to give you those amazing nutrients and flavour! I like how Untamed Feast explains it saying “Who knows better how to make a perfect food than mother nature herself?”.  Wild Mushrooms contain beta-glucans which boost the immune system. They are loaded with trace minerals and vitamins (Iron, selenium, Vitamin B & D, etc). They have been proven to be anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory. And they are also a wonderful vegetarian protein.

Untamed Feast currently offers a variety of packaged dried mushrooms like Porcini, Morel, Chanterelle and a Forrest Blend, along with mushroom infused sauces and soups. You no longer have to go to gourmet restaurants to experience and enjoy these mushrooms, you can now create your own gourmet meals at home!

To experience and appreciate  just what it is like for these harvesters, you can check out their numerous videos on Vimeo. Click here to check out a video that offers a little visual of just what Untamed Feast is about.

Watch soon for our sampling date!


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