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Fill The “Love Bucket”

February 1, 2016

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February brings with it Valentine’s Day!  A day that focuses on loving others, which is awesome and great and fun, but I think there should be a self-love day! A day that reminds people of the importance of this and how it can change your life!

Since I truly believe that self-love should be a daily thing, we are going to do a self-love post everyday of February in hopes that maybe those of you that are not practicing this will be converted!

I know there’s lot’s of talk about self-love but how many of you are fully practicing this?  How many of you believe in the importance of it? How many of you believe you truly deserve this? I believe as with everything we try to incorporate into our life, we need to make it a habit.  The more you practice, the better you get at it! Maybe you start with carving out time everyday to sit quietly and enjoy a cup of tea, go for a 20 minute walk, or maybe it’s saying/posting affirmations to even believe this is something you truly deserve.

When we practice self-love it also means we practice self-care, because we know that to care and love others to our fullest, we must fill ourselves with it.  It’s basically a love bucket, if you don’t put anything in it, you can’t get anything from it. We fill the bucket every time we self-love, when we practice caring for ourselves, when we receive love from others, when we do things that rejuvenate our spirit and make us feel good.

We are calling on a few friends to help us here by discussing the benefits of the services/products they offer that are geared towards self-care. These are all things I personally love and consider for my self-care routine, or a once/twice a month self-care indulgence! So along with our self-love messages, watch for these posts as well!

Of course we want you to have the opportunity to experience some of these indulgences so watch for special promo’s!

We are also going to be giving away a “Love Bucket” full of self-care goodies and gift certificates for you to win! Valued at over $500.00!!! We’ll let you know all about those treats in separate postings.

Lot’s of ways to win! 1st make sure you’re following us on social media, (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) then every time you like and share our posts on social media, and/or tag a friend, you will be entered. (always use the hashtag #lovebucketwpg so we get your entry). Some posts will also give you chances for bonus entries just by participating in conversations, or by following a specific action.

You can also enter with an in-store purchase at Generation Green or at Float.Calm. Enter as many times as you like for the entire month of February and then we will announce the winner March 1st.

So let’s get started filling the “Love Bucket”!






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