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Love Bucket: FLOAT.Calm

February 17, 2016

love floatOur friends over at FLOAT.Calm who have partnered with us for this event, have generously added 2 x 90 minute float sessions valued at $138 to the “Love Bucket”

“I’m not interested in being a “lover.” I’m interested in only being love.”  Ram Dass

We understand that life can be hectic and often complicated. So, we believe everything else should be simple.  We also understand that love needs to be cultivated from the inside first.  At FLOAT.Calm, this is what we’re here to help you do…

With life’s distractions constantly putting us at odds against ourselves or others, we need to cultivate that self-love. Each of us will experience stress throughout our lives. If we fill our love bucket daily, or as mindfulness meditators say, “if we weave ourselves a parachute daily”, then when the time comes for us to use it we will be prepared as opposed to having to weave it on the way down.  This reactive as opposed to proactive approach to life often leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms of addiction, depression, anxiety and other health problems caused by stress.Float.Calm Logo Float Sense White Background-04

Floating is the perfect opportunity to charge up your love battery. With nothing but yourself to keep you occupied, it provides you a doorway into your own mind without being riddled with the judgment and ridicule of the outside world. When you give yourself that time, it’s like you are giving yourself a big long hug. So when you finally emerge, you will have the power in your backpack to overcome the stresses of everyday life again and experience it with a whole new perspective.

We go for massages for a reason, we do yoga for a reason and we also float for a reason……  And that’s to stay constantly connected with ourselves, so we don’t get lost in the world…..

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”― Buddha

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