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Love Bucket: Paradise of Reality Massage Therapy

February 5, 2016

Massage giftParadise of Reality  has added two gift certificates to our “Love Bucket” for a 1 hour massage therapy session, each valued at $75.00.  Hands down, the best massage therapy sessions I’ve ever had!

It’s hard to think of yourself as an entire being and not just your sore back or knees. Giving yourself the time for a massage, allows you to feel all parts of your body come together; your heart and breath to slow down and your mind to be still.

Here at Paradise of Reality we believe in assessing the body as a whole, while helping you achieve balance and wellness.

The benefits of massage are extensive. You can expect reduced tension and stress, improved circulation and regulated sleep patterns.

Come, and remember what it feels like to just BE.

Paradise of Reality is located at ste#207-475 Provencher Blvd.  To book an appointment call 204-955-1996

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