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Love Bucket: Reiki Session with Brie Henderson

February 16, 2016

Love bucket Reiki*Relax *Rebalance *Rejuvenate

Brie Henderson has added a gift certificate for a Reiki Session to the “Love Bucket”

Reiki is a non invasive, ancient Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki uses universal, vital life force energy to balance the body, mind and spirit and bring it back to wholeness.

Reiki can improve just about any aspects of life from physical health to emotional, spiritual well-being, stress reduction and mental clarity.

A Reiki session can induce an extremely comfortable calming state of being, which can bring alteration in the recipients consciousness and raise their vibration.  Reiki complements Eastern and Western medicine and everybody can benefit from it!

In Brie’s sessions she incorporates the use of aromatherapy, crystal healing, and chakra balancing modalities for an overall therapeutic experience.

Reiki releases negative thoughts and feelings that become stuck in the chakras.  It allows the recipient to connect with their own innate ability to heal.  As such, clients raise their energetic vibration, enhance self-love, connect with their truest self, and are guided towards their soul purpose.

Brie Henderson is a certified Reiki Master & Practitioner, as well as a certified yoga instructor, offering private or group classes.  Ph: 204-791-2374 for further information.


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