March Focus: Stress/Anxiety

meditation3We’ve decided to make March a month that we focus on stress and anxiety and ways to minimize, relieve and  hopefully eliminate them from your life.

Stress can be hazardous to your health, fuel relationship, family and work issues, and prevent you from living life fully. At Generation Green we have found (and used) some wonderful, natural remedies for effective stress and anxiety relief that we will be sharing throughout the month.  meditation2




To begin, let us introduce you to our new line of meditation rings from Soul of a Gypsy. These handmade rings were created based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels.  Meditation rings are said to reduce tension and anxiety by the consistent repetitive motion of the bands.  Research has found that the spinning bands induces calmness, serenity and peace of mind to the wearer.

Each of these rings are gorgeous, unique and one of a kind. The rings are made from 925 sterling silver, some with tri colour bands made from natural brass, copper and sterling silver.

Continue to follow along for more natural stress/anxiety remedies.


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