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Meet Your Maker – Jill Tanner

September 1, 2016

Each month we want to help you get to know your product makers by featuring them on our blog and in our newsletter.

Our September “Meet Your Maker” is Jill Tanner, the creator of Jamore, a sugar-free, real fruit spread.  Jamore is part of this food developers’ umbrella of food products called Concious Fare. Let’s get to know this Manitoba maker a little more!

Hi Jill and thanks so much for taking time to answer a few questions!

What inspired you to start making  Jamore?
I started making it for myself because I couldn’t find anything else in the stores that I wanted to eat. I had become very conscious about what I was eating and putting into my body and I wanted to stay away from sugars – unless they were natural, like the ones you find in the whole fruit (not just the juice) and couldn’t find something that I could use… so I made it 🙂

Which flavour is your personal favourite?
My favorite all around flavor is the first flavor that I made, and the one that helped win the Great Manitoba Food Fight’s Gold Medal in 2014, Blueberry.
But I also like the Saskatoon because Saskatoon’s are our own “Prairie Berries” which makes it unique to us here in Manitoba and I really like the Strawberry Cherry because it is make killer salad dressing.

What’s your favourite way to use your product?
Hummm that is a hard one… I’d say I eat it the most with a hearty spread of natural peanut butter on toast, but I also love it in plain yogurt, as a salad dressing as I mentioned above, and I love to serve it with some brie and crackers or a crostini when we have company… it’s awesome on a cheese platter.

Why should someone buy Jamore?
Easy!! 🙂 Because it is healthy, tastes great, is so versatile, and it is so important to be conscious about what you eat. Making small changes can have a huge impact on your health and the way you feel. As a society we eat too much sugar, there is a place and time for a little desert once and a while, but when you consider the amount of sugar that goes into so many products – it is way beyond desert.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in developing your product?
Getting the word out about Jamore. Advertising is expensive, especially for a small business, and even after 4 years most people haven’t heard of it. I do a lot of demo’s in stores and the reception I get when people try it is 99% of the time wonderful, but I would say that advertising/awareness is definitely the biggest hurdle

What’s your favourite thing about Manitoba?
The people hands down!!! I am blown away by the support of local businesses wiling to carry Jamore, and of the customers here who want to support local, Made in Manitoba business like me. To all of you I say thank you so very much!

You can check out their website by clicking here for some yummy recipes too!

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