You’re Full Of B…….

September 12, 2016

Your’re full of  bacteria, and that’s a good thing! Everything living in this world is filled with bacteria. There are actually more than a 100 trillion bacterial microbes living in us and they even outnumber the cells in our bodies! Most of these are found in our guts.

For some that might sound scary because we have been bombarded with messages to kill bacteria by using hand , antibacterial cleaners, & even penicillin at the first sign of an attack, and by doing this we eliminate the bad bacteria and good. Good bacteria is essential so stop trying to get rid of it!

We are hearing more that all disease begins in your gut! So it makes sense that we help add to the colony of “good” bacteria in our gut and stop feeding the “bad” bacteria (think sugar!!!). We will always have both good and bad bacteria in our body, the key is to have more good than bad! Things like stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and excess sugar will enable bad bacteria to grow and take over, making us more susceptible to disease.


Some easy ways, besides a daily probiotic, to help build this little army is to include fermented foods. When we add a simple salt-water combo to vegetables, spontaneous fermentation occurs! We transform them to a third state of food, (so no longer fresh or cooked) that offers us billions & billions of beneficial cultures (digestive enzymes) that can join in to fight for our health and the prevention of disease!

I can personally testify to the health changes that can be achieved when we go back to basics and start looking at what we are feeding our bodies. Suffering from headaches, fatigue, skin conditions, unexplained muscle soreness, and brain fog were just a few of the symptoms I was dealing with. Changing my diet was a start for me recognizing the effect certain foods had on me, and once I started repairing my gut and adding in beneficial bacteria, my symptoms started to alleviate and some even quickly vanished.

probiotic gumWe are all unique in the aspect that certain foods react differently in our bodies, but we are all equal in needing the beneficial bacteria alive in our bodies to achieve optimal health.

Some other ways to help build your internal army: try a probiotic filled drink, like kombucha. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, or kimchi. Look for the words “live” or “active culture” in yoghurt (there are soy based ones or coconut that are perfect for us with lactose sensitivities), soft cheeses, miso soup, sourdough, and maybe try your hand at brine pickled veggies! (Check out our Perfect Pickler post!). Adding these types of foods into your daily diet, and eliminating-or at least cutting down on the foods that fight against our microbe army, will help you win the body battle!

In addition to those tips, we have our “microbial expert” coming in this month to teach us how to make nut/seed fermented cheeses and herbal probiotic soda’s! (You can click on those to be taken to our workshops info & registration).

As always, I encourage you to talk to your doctor or naturopath about your health concerns and issues.  Health is not something we should ever compromise with, or take for granted, it needs to be our primary focus.

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