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Meet The Maker – Little Tree Hugger Soap

October 4, 2016


Each month we want to help you get to know your product makers by featuring them on our blog and in our newsletter.

Our October “Meet Your Maker” is Lyn Morissette , the creator of Little Tree Hugger soaps. If you have not yet had a chance to experience the amazing skin benefits these soaps offer, you will be in for a treat!

Now let’s get to know this Manitoba maker a little more!

What inspired you to start making Little Tree Hugger Soap?

little-tree-hugger-soapMy children. When my son began suffering eczema symptoms I researched eczema and skin rashes. Often eczema is actually a sensitivity to the chemicals in household cleaning products (body, laundry, and dish soap; shampoos; and creams). I got rid of all perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals and began making my own products.

What scent is your personal favorite?

little-tree-hugger-soapThat’s a hard one. My go-to is definitely Patchouli Bergamot but as I experiment with different blends and test products, my favorite changes weekly! I’ve really been enjoying the Rosemary Lime, Bushwacker, and London Fog lately. I’ve always avoided perfumes because they give me a headache; being able to enjoy scents is wonderful!

What’s better about Little Tree Hugger Soap?

little-tree-hugger-soaplittle tree hugger soapI make every product with my family and friends in mind. In fact, nearly everything I make is the result of a family or friend’s request. The eczema bar was made for my son. The Acne Essential Oil Blend was made for my teenager. The Aging Skin Blend was made for my parents (and now me). The Bushwacker Blend was made for my husband. The Gin and Tonic soap was a fun and cheeky one I made for a close friend. The deodorants are a healthy alternative to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. My most recent projects are a shampoo bar for my cousin who suffers from dry scalp and another cousin who is pregnant and wanted a belly butter for her ever-increasing baby bump. When you use Little Tree Hugger Soap products you can rest assured that only the finest ingredients go into every single product.

What’s the biggest challenge you faced in developing your products?

little-tree-hugger-soapProduct Release. I need to remind myself that I am no longer only developing products for myself and family. I can’t just make whatever tickles my fancy. I need to listen to the customers and make the most popular products for product consistency. To keep it fun I try to release something new every month or two. Another challenge has been trying to source all ingredients from Canadian companies as well as buying organic and fair-trade. These practices are expensive and limiting but they are policies I refuse to compromise.

What’s your favorite thing about Manitoba?

little-tree-hugger-soapThis is the easiest question. The people! I love Manitobans! Manitobans are the friendliest, kindest, and most conscientious people on the planet!

Your scents are so unique, how do you come up with them?

little-tree-hugger-soaplittle-tree-hugger-soapDefinitely a lot of trial and error. I can’t tell you how many products haven’t passed the first trial. Essential oils are tricky because what you smell in the bottle isn’t necessarily what you smell in the finished product. Certain essential oils are stronger and more persistent than others; when blending they tend to overtake the other scents. I also consider the skin and health benefits of essential oils, botanicals, and extracts which all effect the scent, texture, and appearance of the final product. There is a lot of chemistry involved in making bath and body products. Thankfully I enjoy chemistry!

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