Meet The Maker – Naked Skincare & Apothecary

We have chosen Amber Magus the creator of Naked Skincare & Apothecary as our December “Meet Your Maker”.  Let’s see what she has to say!naked


What inspired you to start making Naked Skincare?

Skincare has been a passion of mine for a long time. I’ve worked as an Aesthetician since 2010 specializing in skin and body care. In 2013 I started a lifestyle and beauty blog, giving my readers tips and tricks about how to properly care for their skin.  I also discussed my current favourite products and eventually started offering DIY recipes such as home masks, and body scrubs. It was then this natural progression of realizing that this is something I really love doing. Looking out on the natural skin care market as is, a lot of companies are either advertising and claiming they are all natural but still use preservatives, artificial fragrance and colours. Or you have the natural companies like mine but who charge an arm and a leg for it. I personally didn’t want to give an arm and leg to have the comfort of using a high-end all natural line, so I created one, that is all natural, with a minimalist feel, using the best plant powered ingredients at a reasonable price.

Which product is your personal favourite?

This is always such a difficult one to answer because I love all of them!  but if i have to choose, I would go with the cleansing oil, it is my go to all the time. It just melts away makeup, built up dirt and oil and leaves my skin feeling so clean and hydrated. It is also the product that started it all so it has a very special place in my heart.

What’s your favourite ingredient to use in your skin care, and why?

There’s so many amazing ingredients that I use and love in my skin care and I could probably blab on for hours about them all, but I’d say, Tamanu Oil because it truly is a magic oil, it’s incredibly healing for your skin. Currently I use it in the Oil Cleanser, but will be making a few other products that will help with certain skin issues.

Why should someone buy Naked Skincare?

I think naked skin care is for people looking for products that have a minimalist straight forward approach. It’s a plant powered line that is curated by an Aesthetician so the skin needs is always my first priority when creating formulations.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in developing your product

 Finding the perfect combination of oils that are going to not only treat and hydrate skin but ones that also feel nice and absorb quickly. I never want any of my products to leave the skin with a slick oily feel, so finding the right combinations can sometimes be tricky.

What’s your favourite thing about Manitoba?

I love those prairie sunsets and that even in the dead of winter the sun can be shining and the sky blue. I was born and raised in England and it can often be quite grey and gloomy and its a weird thing to appreciate but the sky just seems so much bigger and brighter here in Manitoba!amber-naked-skincare


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