Hockey Hand Deodorant – Best Invention Ever!

December 11, 2016

Are you familiar with the hockey glove, hockey hand smell?

It seemed no matter what we tried, soaps, hand sprays, glove sprays and even charcoal, nothing could get rid of that smell completely!

As a mother of two teenage hockey players, I was thrilled to find a natural solution for this wretched stench!86bebb_a1c3eb100c6c43518e6e892dd85a8b2dmv2_d_4608_3072_s_4_2-jpg_srz_498_332_75_22_0-5_1-2_75_png_srz

Introducing Clap Balm!!!  The world’s first hockey hand deodorant that works like a charm! Once you put it on your hands no one will ever know you were at the rink!

Dan Black of St. Thomas, Ontario, and Matt Laberge, from Strathroy, Ontario, are the duo that developed this hand deodorant for hockey players. Both are avid hockey players and know all about dealing with that foul “hockey smell” problem and they wanted to do something about it and I’m sure they have many others thanking them!

Clap Balm comes in a small, round puck like container that easily fits in bags or pockets easily. Using it is a cinch too, simply use your fingertip to scoop up the deodorant out of the tin, and then you just apply the deodorant to your hands and work it in between all of your fingers.  Then presto, stench gone!

Available now at Generation Green and makes for perfect stocking stuffers!

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