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Meet The Maker – Bliss Bites Wpg

February 28, 2017




Allison Vigeant and Shannon McMurtry are the creators of our newest tasty delights known as Bliss Bites!

These delightful treats are vegan, gluten free, have no refined sugar and the hardest part will be deciding which is your favourite!

Let us now  introduce you to these makers to learn a little more.




What inspired you to start Bliss Bites? 

Shannon: I think what inspired us to start Bliss Bites was being out and about in the city of Winnipeg we couldn’t enjoy a dessert that was decadent yet healthy for you, so an idea was born!

Which product is your personal favourite?

Allison: My favorite product of ours is the chocolate peanut butter bar, I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate!  I love that there is no guilt when I eat them because I know all of the ingredients are healthy and organic!

Shannon: My favourite product is also the chocolate peanut butter bar, I have always craved chocolate and peanut butter together!  Who needs Reese Peanut Butter Cup when you have these healthy ones!

What’s your favourite part of creating Bliss Bites?

Allison:My favorite thing about creating our product, Bliss Bites Wpg, is that we are creating decadent treats that are super healthy; that I’m happy to give to my children and that we have created a treat that we know other people in Winnipeg have been looking for.

Shannon:My favourite part of creating Bliss Bites other than baking which is something I love to do I can make desserts that are healthy to eat.

What’s different about Bliss Bites?

Shannon: Bliss Bites is different because we pride ourselves on small batches while using high quality organic ingredients that allow us to be vegan, gluten free and refine sugar free.  We are one of the few dessert businesses in the city that combines all of those things in one package.

What’s the biggest challenge you faced creating your products?

Shannon: One of the challenges we face is sourcing out the best organic ingredients for the best price, we find it challenging to keep our cost down but staying true to our organic promise.

Allison: Another challenge we face (other than what Shannon mentioned) is keeping up with demand!  We are both busy moms and have been a little overwhelmed by the response and orders we have gotten (a good problem to have we know!).

What’s your favourite thing about Manitoba?

Allison: My favorite part about Manitoba honestly is how Manitobans support each other!  You can really sense that people in this province want fellow Manitobans to succeed. We are a new business but we feel so supported but the local community!

Shannon:My favourite thing about Manitoba is that it feels like a small town community in a large city, I love how I will be out on the other side of the city and run into someone I know.

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