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Boned Broth – Sip It or Soup It!

March 27, 2017

The benefits of sipping on bone broth are plentiful! No wonder it has become a trend that everyone has been talking about!

We have a brand new product in the freezer now called “Boned Broth” but first let me tell you a little about why you need this in your life!

From soothing digestive issues (colitis, crohn’s disease, acid reflux & leaky gut), to assisting with muscle and joint repair (helps in not only strengthening bones, but also with repair from injury) it also has amazing immunity boosting abilities.

Oh, and we simply can’t talk about bone broth and not mention the amazing amounts of collagen it gives you! Think anti aging!!! Stronger hair and nails!

As we age, our collagen levels decrease drastically.  From age 20, 1% of collagen is lost in the dermis layer of our skin.  (this is the 2nd layer, where elastic and collagen fibers are found).  Throughout our twenties and thirties, you may start to notice the effects, and then at age 40 collagen production is decreased by almost 50% and continues to drop! We are then frantic to find ways to add it if we want to keep our skin looking healthy.  Bone broth is a fantastic way to assist!

Making bone broth can be a lengthy process.  The  bones need to be simmered for 48 hours to really get all the benefits, and not to mention it can be kinda smelly!  There are a variety of recipes online that can help you get started, and then you tweak it the more you make it.

Personally, I was thrilled when “Boned Broth” came our way! Simple, convenient,  and maintaining all the benefits as they freeze it the same day it’s made.  “Boned Broth” can be sipped straight up, or diluted and used in recipes.  It’s delicious!

If you are following a vegetarian or vegan diet there are some other great ways to make a “boneless” broth, and that is also what this fabulous “Boned Broth” company did!  They have a broth that serves up 20 grams of protein from hemp hearts and red lentils!

This is such a simple solution, offering jam packed benefits it just makes sense for healthy living!

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