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Meet the Maker – Alana and Angela of PopCart

April 26, 2017

Summer officially begins for us here at Generation Green when our first Pop Cart delivery arrives! We are counting down the days until our freezer is fully stocked with yummy, gourmet popsicles!

Let us introduce you now to these awesome makers Angela & Alana.

What inspired you to start making pops?

We were lucky to visit Mexico multiple times and loved eating Paletas (Mexican Ice Pops).  We were driving home from work one day and said to each other “Winnipeg needs a good ice pop!” and the rest is Pop Cart history!
Which flavor(s) are your personal favourites?

Alana’s fave is Vietnamese Coffee and Corn (we did a limited run of Corn last summer) and Angela’s fave is Arnold Palmer and Peach Hibiscus.

What’s different about PopCart?

Our flavours and the  quality of our pops sets us apart from your typical ice pop – we use the best ingredients we can get our hands on, and our fruit pops are 90% fruit.  We don’t create a pop flavour unless there is something interesting about it.  Strawberry isn’t just plain ole’ strawberry, it’s Strawberry Lemonade or Strawberry Balsamic or Strawberry Rhubarb…which all happen to be some of our most popular flaves!

Where is your favorite place throughout the summer that you set up your cart(s)?

We really don’t have a favourite, but we do love being able to do the weekly farmer’s markets as we get the best chance to engage with our customers.  St. Norbert is a good time every week, and the smaller markets like Pine Ridge Hollow on Saturdays and Downtown Hydro Market are nice as well as it tends to be a totally different client base.  We wish there were more small markets in Winnipeg, we’d be at all of them!

What was the biggest challenged you faced in developing your product?

We still face challenges regularly, but the biggest challenge is that most ice pop production equipment comes from Brazil, so the communication and wait times for shipments is like torture!

What’s your favorite thing about Manitoba?

Our favourite thing about Manitoba is that it’s a wonderful place to live!  There is always something going on and excellent opportunities for small business. We have both lived in other provinces and chose to come back to Manitoba permanently.  Asides from that, we love the people here.  Good people come from Manitoba!

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