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Meet the Maker – CZE by Tania

May 28, 2017

CZE (pronounced chay) is new this month at Generation Green. We had been waiting awhile for the line to become retail ready!  This local maker creates these amazing hair care products using only natural, organic ingredients and sourcing as much possible locally.  I can personally attest to the instant benefits I received using their hair masque just once!  Read on as we ask Tania more about CZE.

What inspired you to start making Cze?

My hair was always so broken and brittle, it also seemed to stay the same length and never grow! I had like many of us, spent so much money on store-bought products with no luck. I began doing research on oils that would help repair, soften, encourage growth and came up with a concoction that actually gave me noticeable results. I knew I needed to share my magic hair oil with others!



Which product is your personal favourite?

I LOVE my Mint+Rosemary Hair Masque. It not only smells amazing but has so many health benefits for circulation and growth. Highly recommend this Masque :)!

What’s your favourite ingredient to use in your hair care, and why?

I have been loving adding rosemary essential oil to a lot of my products. It’s packed with antioxidants, it’s also one of the oldest and most respected herbs. Rosemary has been known for increasing hair growth, decreasing hair loss, it also can help treat dry skin and dandruff and improve circulation on the scalp!

Why is Cze different?

Cze is different because we focus on hair. There are of course other local makers making body product lines that have the odd hair product but here in our local market nobody really doing strictly hair and specializing in repair.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in developing your product?

Labeling! Making the instructions clear and to the point so customers will understand how to use the products once they bring it home.

What’s your favourite thing about Manitoba?

I’m a total fish and need to swim as much as possible in the summer! I love to hop in the car on the weekend and explore our beautiful lakes and of course take a dip and more often than not, throw in a line and see what I can catch!

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