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Meet the Maker – Smak Dab Mustard

June 29, 2017








We’ve been big fans of Smak Dab Mustards and their maker Carly Minish for some time now, and by the way these mustards fly off the shelves so are many others! At Generation Green, it’s a regular occurence to crack a jar of Maple Mustard and dip pretzels for an afternoon snack! There is really nothing though that this mustard doesn’t pair well with (a good reason to pick up a flavor pack).  Check out their recipe page for some inspiration, but first read on and get to know a little more about our July Maker!

What inspired you to start making Smak Dab?

When I was apprenticing in Winnipeg restaurants, I was realizing how crucial mustard are in the restaurant kitchen, and how it would be a workhorse in your home pantry as well. I noticed there were no local Manitoba made mustards on the shelf, so I started doing a little more research on the condiment. One thing lead to another, I was selling our mustards at the St Norbert Farmers Market in August 2014!

Which flavour is your personal favourite? 

That’s a tough one! But I have always loved the Curry Dijon and White Wine Herb Mustard. I am also using the Hot Honey Jalapeño alot, it is our best seller, after all!

What’s your favourite way to use your mustard?

I love mustards in sauces; BBQ sauces, marinades, dressings, or right on the meat!

Why is Smak Dab different compared to conventional mustards? 

There are enough standard yellow and dijon mustards on the shelf, so why would we compete? We wanted to make them flavourful, diverse, tasty, and focusing on using local ingredients; such as Manitoba brewed beer (from Half Pints Brewery) Manitoba honey, Quebec maple syrup, and wine from BC. We also didn’t want them to be overpowering, so after much trial and error we developed the recipes, balancing flavour and mustardy heat!

What was the biggest challenge you faced in developing your product?

The biggest challenge we faced was streamlining our process, and making it more efficient. We are still working on the process, and I imagine it will always be an ongoing effort!

What’s your favourite thing about Manitoba?

The entrepreneurial community we have going on right now is pretty amazing; not just in food! We have our own little community of support, and its very empowering to be amongst such bright and intuitive minds! Also, the restaurant scene here is not to go unnoticed. Having worked in the industry, I am fiercely proud of all the chefs we have in this city, representing Winnipeg.

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