Plastic Free July – Our Top 10 Alternatives

June 30, 2017

Plastic Free July is a great initiative that strives to create awareness by challenging folks to look for alternatives to single use plastics. In Winnipeg, we have some fine people at Greenpeace Winnipeg upping the challenge by asking us to be plastic free for LIFE! They are not just challenging us all but also showing us how!  Check out their website called Plastic Free Peg and let’s all take their challenge!

Generation Green of course is here to help by striving to be a one stop shop for all your one-use plastic alternatives!  

Here are our top ten favourite alternatives:

1. Plastic Shopping BagsB.B. Begonia reusable shopping bags! These beautiful reusable bags are heavy-duty, they hold up to 45 lbs. Not to mention the have a comfortable thick strap, and roll up neat and small into your bag!

2. Plastic Water BottlesSwell, swell, swell! These famous water bottles are well-known now. Generation Green continues to stock these beauties in all their unique colors and patterns!

3. Plastic Straws – Glass, silicone, or stainless steel alternatives are available! No excuses to buy big packs of an one-use item! A durable straw can cost $3.50 and last you forever.

4. Disposable Cutlery – again, options! Bamboo or stainless steel cutlery sets. Everything is compact, so it is easy to toss in a purse or lunch bag. Say no to the cutlery at food stands and reduce your carbon footprint!

5.  ToothbrushesBrush with Bamboo toothbrushes got it all! Biodegradable handle, plant-based bristles, naturally antibacterial and sustainable.

6. Plastic Lunch Baggies – Colibri reusable sandwich bags are the most practical! They are multi-use, last forever, and come in an array of prints, they are also proudly made in Manitoba!

7. Plastic Food Wrap – Abeego created an awesome natural alternative that will help keep food fresher, longer!  This self-adhesive beeswax wrap allows food to breathe!

8. Pads and Tampons – No need for extra packaging… Check our Organyc recyclable organic cotton products, the Diva cup, OR locally made TreeHugger Cloth Pads.

9. Plastic Product Bottles – Our B.Y.O.B.(ottle) station has gotcha covered. Get your bottle or jar refilled with our selection of personal care and home products!

10. Diapers – AMP diapers are an amazing locally made, reusable diaper option! Tons of design options and an amazing one-size-fits-all!

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