Big News! We’re Moving!

July 2, 2017

Yup! After five wonderful years growing in the Forks Market, we have found a new location in the Exchange District to continue growing and adding more local love!

Our new location will be in the all familiar “Passport Building” at 433 Main at Bannatyne.  We will be located on the main floor with an entrance from the street as well as inside the building.

We will be packing up at the end of September and reopening hopefully by October 2nd. Generation Green at the Forks will be closed as of the above date. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media for updates!

With the increase in space, we will not only be able to expand on areas such as BYOB(ottle) refills, but we are also planning to open an in-store vegetarian health cafe!  We plan to first move in, get settled, plan a grand re-opening party(!!!), and then open the cafe in January 2018.

We have appreciated everyone’s support and hope that you will continue to visit us in our new location!  I have said before “we are here because of you, and we will stay because of you”.


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