Snack Attack Alternatives

July 18, 2017

We all love to snack! But when we have a “snack attack” hopefully we can find some options that won’t attack our health!

Have you ever actually checked the ingredients of your snacks? We have and want to tell you about a few of our favorites! As well as a few ingredients that we don’t want in our snacks!

Boulder Canyon – malt vinegar & sea salt chips – these are the best salt and vinegar chips you’ll ever have. My favourite part about them is their use of avocado oil! Did you know canola oil isn’t even a natural plant? Canola was genetically engineered long ago as a super cheap alternative to vegetable oil. Now there is a great excuse to eat chips all the time! Absorb that good-for-you avocado fat!

Skinny Pop – you can never go wrong with popcorn…. a salty snack that can still be ultra nutritional! *Especially* Skinny Pop! Popcorn is full of fibre and Skinny Pop keeps the oil light, yet still being suuuper delicious! Not to mention the dairy-free/vegan white cheddar flavour… *drools*

Living Intentions – want to jazz up your popcorn?  Living Intentions has some super unique flavours that also give you a punch of probiotics! How does Tandori Tumeric or Salsa Verde sound? Spicccy!

Bliss Bites – this is the ultimate clean snack. Bliss Bites works hard to keep every single ingredient used certified organic. On top of this they are always gluten free, vegan, and refined sugar free. They keep them individually packaged to avoid contamination!

Go Max Go Chocolate Bars – this company is magical. They have created all your favourite classic chocolate bars in non-gmo, vegan versions! I don’t know about you but I thought I would only dream of having an Oh Henry again after I went vegan… They have 8 different re-done classics. They use certified fair trade cocoa in every bar, ethically sourced palm oil, and nothing genetically modified! ALSO with multiple gluten free kinds!

PopCart – this is a Generation Green classic at this point! Conventional pops are loaded with refined sugar, artificial colors, flavors, and dairy! PopCart is all made free of white refined sugar. They use organic cane sugar in their simple syrup and natural fruit, coffee, chocolate, and coconut for flavouring! Come try our exclusive Generation Green matcha pop! Matcha is full of nutritional benefits. All the pops we sell at GG are vegan and gluten-free.

Don’t get us started with what’s in our fridge (we’ll give you a little peak with this pic!).


Stop by anytime and we’ll help you satisfy your sweet & salty cravings!


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