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Copper H2O – No Ordinary Water Bottle!

August 22, 2017

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Copper Water Bottles by Copper H2O

If you’re looking for a new water bottle that is not only stylish but also boasts an impressive list of health benefits look no further! Enter Copper H2O, a social enterprise that makes a 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper water bottle and donates 15% of profit to several non-profit organizations that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries.

The copper water bottles are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional methods with a unique hammered finish that not only creates a gorgeous aesthetic, but also increases the surface area of copper on the inside of the copper water bottle which makes contact with the water stored in it. The greater the physical contact between the water and the copper, the greater the health benefits for you!

There are many health benefits associated with drinking copper water including:

  1. Improves the Digestive System
  2. Builds a Strong Immune System
  3. Supports Weight Loss
  4. Prevents Aging
  5. Prevents Cancer
  6. Maintains Cardiovascular Health
  7. Supports the Thyroid Gland
  8. Stimulates the Brain
  9. Fights Arthritis and Inflamed Joints
  10. Keeps Skin Healthy and Acne Free

It’s also possible to make natural alkaline water easily, safely and inexpensively using a copper water bottle. When you store water in a copper water bottle, the water naturally and safely absorbs very small amounts of copper. This naturally ionizes the water and causes the water to become natural alkaline water.

As a result, a copper water bottle is essentially a natural alkaline water bottle. In fact, the process for making natural alkaline water in a copper bottle is much like the process by which water becomes natural alkaline water in nature. In nature, water can become alkaline by passing through a mountain spring and absorbing minerals. Water stored in a copper water bottle essentially does the same thing as it rubs against the walls of the copper bottle.

Making alkaline water using a copper water bottle is as easy as pouring water into your copper water bottle and giving the water time to naturally alkaline. Water stored in a copper vessel will become increasingly alkaline the longer it remains in the copper vessel, and the speed and degree of the alkalinization process will depend on various environmental factors, including the temperature of the water and its original pH level. In general, the natural alkalinization process will occur a bit faster if the water is at room temperature or slightly warmer.

We’re so excited to carry this unique water bottle and share it with our customers. If you’re curious to try a Copper H2O bottle for yourself, please drop by Generation Green to learn more! You can also find a wealth of information including blog posts and Frequently Asked Questions on their website at

To good health!

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