I AM – Mind, Body, Soul Festival

August 29, 2017

As self-care advocates, Savannah and Sherry were so excited to hear about a weekend long festival in Manitoba called the “I AM Festival“. Offering a retreat in nature that encouraged us to take a much-needed break! A Full Mind, Body & Soul experience!  Something I’m sure many of you reading this can relate to needing to.

This was the 2nd year for the I AM Festival held in the Manitoba interlake near Tuelon.  Thoughtfully created by a group of individuals that have made it their purpose to help guide others towards living mindfully and authentically through this journey we call life!

When we arrived at the festival, we were warmly greeted, repeated a welcoming mantra and were given a string bracelet with the letters IAM on it.  This simple bracelet turned out to be a symbolic reminder throughout the weekend of the importance of self….self care, self-improvement, self growth, and self love.

Our first evening after setting up our campsite was attending the welcoming ceremony, held in a clearing that soon became the heart of the event.  A huge stage surrounded by trees that magically came to life with glittering green lights!  We were encouraged to greet each other as if we already friends.  The energy of everyone gathered was easily felt. Especially when we did this simple activity with a string. We tied our weekend intentions into a piece of string, and then connected them to each others. Lastly we hung the long piece of intentions on a tree we would pass everyday that weekend. This reminds us, not only of our intentions, but how we are all connected.

When people gather with the same focus and bring those intentions and energy with them, you can’t help but open yourself up to the experiences that a weekend like this offers. Each day there was an amazing selection of activities we could participate in. These included yoga, meditation, workshops, art and music classes, and so many more!

Sherry‘s favorite was Natalie Reimer Anderson, a self-love coach. Self-love is something we can easily forget it’s importance. Sherry especially loved her focus on creating self-love rituals, and that even the most mundane tasks can be intentional acts of self-love.

Savannah‘s absolute favorite part of the weekend was workshops with energy worker – Bonnie Schroeder! Savannah did an energy healing class with her and a mindfulness talk – both which were so eye-opening and inspiring about the power of our own energy.

Of course the music at this festival was amazzzzing! The angelic Sheena Grobb to the energetic Dirty Catfish Brass Band and the acoustic fireside evenings.

This festival is definitely on our radar for next year and we hope it’s on yours too!



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