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August 29, 2017

In preparation for our move, we posted to our dear instagram followers that we were looking for new team members here at GG! We had such amazing, and quick responses and we are so thankful for the interest so many genuine people put into Generation Green! Luckily we found two perfect fits for our GG team. Welcome Elyce and Lily!

Lily Thrift

Lily, though born in Winnipeg, began moving around Canada and Australia at 7 months old. Eventually, almost twenty houses later, she settled back here in Winnipeg.

She has always had a passion for the environment. As a child, she would rescue bugs and take them outside, and wouldn’t let a single toilet paper roll go in the recycling bin before using it in a craft.

As she grew older, she learned more about how to reduce her negative effect on the environment and at 15 became vegan. Always on a journey to a more ethical lifestyle, Lily has recently begun an effort to shop locally and support small businesses.

Lily is pleased to have joined the Generation Green team to help others on their own journeys to more ethical and eco-friendly lifestyles!

Elyce Mankewich

Elyce was born in Winnipeg, but raised in Teulon, Manitoba. Although she had moved to Winnipeg to attend the University of Winnipeg, home will always be out of the city limits.

Still at the University of Winnipeg, Elyce is completing her B.A. in English, Honours, with the hopes of continuing her education into a Masters and PhD in Literature, Critical and Cultural studies.

Quite the literature buff, she can be found writing and reading, and often scoping out local bookstores to add to her ever growing pile of books. Currently, she is writing a few stories and novels. When she isn’t doing any of the above, Elyce can be found checking out local music, and exploring Winnipeg for all the wonderful local gems, cafes, and vegan –friendly restaurants.

Being conscious of the environment and her impacts on the earth is a large part of Elyce’s life, from buying second-hand and using vegan and eco-friendly beauty products, to recycling and reducing her carbon footprint as much as she can.

Elyce is super excited to be a part of the Generation Green family, and to help others get into the green lifestyle!

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