Acorn Vegetarian Health Cafe

October 9, 2017

In addition to Generation Green’s new location, we are also in full planning mode for an in-store vegetarian health cafe!  We have endearingly named “Acorn Cafe”.

I loved the analogy of an acorn in naming the cafe. Tiny acorns grow to become mighty oak trees, and this is really how I feel about Generation Green as a whole.  We started with an idea, a few products, and then grew to a local staple now doubling our size!

Growth can be scary, but it’s also soooo exciting!   The addition of a health cafe was really a way for us to offer something unique and new.  Maybe you’ve been intrigued or heard about the benefits of superfoods, or are confused about where to begin in a journey of clean eating.  Acorn Cafe will give you an opportunity to try before you buy! Our menu is going to be quite unique and we are anxious to share it with everyone!

Acorn Cafe at Generation Green is planned to officially open in January 2018, after we have had a little time to settle in to our new location at 433 Main St & Bannatyne Ave.

Follow Generation Green & Acorn Cafe on social media for sneak peaks, products we offer, and what’s happening in our green world!

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