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Meet the Maker – Dav from Fauxnola

November 1, 2017

Food developer Dav and her product “Fauxnola” was just awarded “Best New Product in Manitoba” which we would like to offer our personal congrats on!

Fauxnola is one of those products that is so versatile you can use it on/in anything! With a winning combination of superfood ingredients and no added sugar this is one that caters to everyone’s needs, including vegan & gluten-free diets.

A growing line of products that recently added two new lines of granola’s that offer the same wholesomeness but are baked and infused with vegetables and spices! Yum!


What inspired the creation of Fauxnola?

When I was expecting my first child I wasn’t able to make my bi-weekly batches of granola which meant I had a figure out an alternate way to get my fix, that’s when Fauxnola was born!  I’m a perfectionist and a control freak and have always had a passion for health, wellness and fitness.  Being able to create healthy products that I would eat at home as well as being able to share it with is the reason I continue to work so hard on my products.

What item is your personal favourite?

I have to say the new Baked products, in particular the Carrot + Black Pepper + Turmeric is my absolute favourite creation to date!  Savoury with a little sweet and a nice little kick at the end definitely amps up any bowl of yogurt.

What is your favourite way to enjoy Fauxnola?

The simplest way, on yogurt.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in developing your product?

Balancing work life with motherhood is an ongoing challenge: you’re always feeling guilty about something!  I’m constantly going from laundry to email to dishes to meetings, so it’s a little crazy!  Both my children and business require 150% of my time so its hard to find the right balance.

What’s your favourite thing about Manitoba?

I’m from England so Manitoba is very different!  The people here are very friendly and the city is easy to get around in.  In terms of small business, the entrepreneurial spirit here is infectious and its great to meet like-minded individuals who strive to excel in their respective fields.  I’m truly blessed to have begun my food journey here in Winnipeg.


Find Fauxnola line of products at Generation Green & on the menu at our in-store “Acorn” Cafe opening January 2018.


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