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Staff Spotlight – Ana

December 11, 2017

Hey y’alllll! Ana here.

I’ve been hanging around GG for a while now so this in between time without being in the store has been pretty heckin’ weird for me.

A couple things I’ve realized since being away from the shop:

1) I love my coworkers with my whole heart. I already knew this one but really really feelin’ it lately since I haven’t seen them as much.

2) !!!

A few products I’m really missing currently are oil of oregano (hello cold and flu season. Not cool), Ginger Me raw/pure/everything good tea concentrate by Juice Me (Hello cold and flu season again. Still not cool.), and Living Intentions Tandoori Tumeric Popcorn (Just because its soooo good. Like if you wanna split a bag don’t ask me because you’ll literally get one single piece….).

Since I’ve had some extra time on my hands lately I’ve been on a bit of a mindfulness kick. And it’s been just so good! With this opportunity to reset, I’ve been trying to stray from the “creature of habit” type of self that is so easy to fall into-especially during these tricky transition times. Taking time to practice consciously thinking about who I am, what I am, and what I’m doing and experiencing rather than just responding out of habit or intuition has been super helpful and refreshing as we make our way through this time of the year. It’s hard at first. It takes work! But it feels nice. (Side note to all of the teachers that told me there’s always a better adjective to use than “nice”… are you kidding?! I love the word nice. It’s just right.) Anyways, just trying my gosh dang best to cultivate an attitude of “everything is great!” while also balancing that with “it’s ok to not have the best day every day”. So far so good. Stay tuned.

And If you’re still reading… come visit me at the new location for some NICE chats!

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